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Colorized Movies & Television Shows

This category includes both TV shows and movies that have been colorized.  While some consider colorization of movies to be sacrilegious or taboo, others have a curiosity as to what a movie or TV show might look like if it were filmed in color.

Interesting and Important Data Points Regarding Colorized Titles

For the most part, colorized titles are very hard to find. In total, there are some 475 colorized titles. My store carries about 225 colorized titles. 

The reason that these titles are so hard to find is that only about 1-2 percent were ever released on VHS and less than 1 percent on DVD. The rest of the titles were recorded from TV to VHS over 25 years ago, edited to remove the commercials and then transferred to DVD. 

All colorized titles, even those received from Australia, are NTSC (USA). It is nearly impossible to buy them in shops.  Mostly they can be acquired over the Internet, so that makes them extremely rare. It's not like going to or another site and purchase every colorized title available.

For the most part, the quality on all is considered to be rated as “good”; however, keep in mind that since they were recorded from TV to VHS (or now to DVD Recorders), those that were recorded to VHS will never be of the same quality as those actually mastered in DVD format. 

Thanks to our Film Majors in Russia Because...

Another interesting thing has been happening and it's happening in Russia.  Apparently there is a group of very talented filmmakers in Russia who have been enhancing the colorization and sound of some of these classic movies.  When they enhance the audio, they really earn their keep as they replace the Russian soundtrack and sync the English soundtrack to the picture.  There are all sorts of things that can go wrong during this process and let me be one of the first to say that they do an amazing job. 

These DVDs Are Not Perfection, but...

Because the majority of these titles have never seen the light of day with a commercial release, the quality is as good as can be; however, I am always on the hunt for a higher-quality capture.  Believe it or not, I've been successful in finding better copies of some of the titles listed.  When that happens, I then begin to sell the higher quality versions.  So because our friends in Russia have enhanced the colorization of some of these titles, that meant English soundtracks were added.  They have done a very impressive job at matching or syncing the sound so that it doesn't come off as a poorly executed soundtrack to an old "Godzilla" movie.  Does that mean that there is an occasional syncing issue?  It does, but we're not talking about each line or the entire movie, but perhaps small scenes here and there, but nothing major.  Those that did not make the grade are not listed here.  In other words, if I find a movie is severely flawed, it is taken out of circulation. Also, due to when these titles were colorized, there was no HDTV; therefore, if you watch these titles on an HDTV, you may be disappointed as these titles are not in high-definition. You may see flaws or a title may appear grainy (the way older films used to look before the advent of high-definition). That's not to say that all titles appear that way, but it's something to keep in mind when ordering.

Enhanced Colorization 

From time-to-time, we receive enhanced colorized titles.  That means, for whatever reason, a new print was made and it was cleaned up or enhanced.  Sometimes the color hasn't been tweaked since the 80s when Ted Turner first colorized a number of titles.

This week, we received an enhanced colorized title of the 1942 film entitled "Desperate Journey" and it looks great.  Look at the comparison of the photos taken from the original colorized print and then compare it to the version we just received.  Look at how much clearer the picture is and how the color is more robust and not as flat as the original colorized print.