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We offer all sorts of entertainment titles from award shows, game shows, 
live televised theater productions, colorized movies and television shows 
including rare, never-aired television pilots starring some big named stars.


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Welcome to (a.k.a. DVDCafe).  

This is your one-stop shop for all of those harder-to-find movies, television shows, award shows, theater-related titles, miniseries and more.  To access the 1,600+ titles available for purchase, scroll down past the messages that you may or may not read unless you encounter an issue after attempting to pay for your purchase or purchases.



Please note that due to a hardware failure, one of our main storage units overheated and a great number of full-color, original DVD case inserts and  supporting artwork were lost. Therefore, please be patient as we need to recreate those titles where we lost either the complete DVD case insert and / or the artwork used to author the inserts.


Due to the technical issues and the sheer volume of orders, it was decided that adding a new team member to assist with the processing of orders and other day-to-day activities would help things to flow more smoothly.

Lots of things going on regarding new and upcoming releases that will be added in the coming days and weeks.  While many titles are available for purchase now, some will be available in a couple of weeks and even more in the weeks that follow. 

I will also be adding a number of older titles that have recently been issued and added to our inventory.  A number of orders shipped over the past couple of days and some confirmation e-mails have been sent, but there are more to follow. 

It has been a very busy time both professionally and personally.  Through it all, I am working to process as many orders as possible.  Just returning from out-of-town tending to a sick relative.  Please know that I am back and working quickly at processing orders. 

As always, if there is a title you are searching for and don't see it listed, please let us know and we will do our best to add the title (if we have it) or check with our sources to locate the title(s) for you.

Please know that typically, I advise customers that confirmation e-mails are sent within 48-hours after an order ships.  The confirmation e-mails include the tracking number and the estimated delivery date a customer can expect to receive his or her order.

Exceptions to the Confirmation e-mail rules: While I typically send confirmation e-mails within 48-hours after a customer's order ships, it may be longer as my number one goal is to process and ship as many orders as possible.  A great number of orders shipped prior to the July 4th holiday; however, I still have a number of confirmation e-mails to send those customers.  

Please be patient as I have a number of large orders or orders that may consist of only one title; however, the title includes 21-discs.  In fact, I've received seven (7) such orders for "Valerie's Family" - Valerie Harper, Sandy Duncan, etc.  7 orders X 21 discs per order = 147 DVDs and full-color DVD case inserts / artwork.  I also have another order for over 45+ colorized DVD titles.  So sometimes things get backed up, but your order is just as important to me whether it's one item or 100 items.

Lots of new titles have been received!!!

The reason I've not listed them sooner is due to the increase in orders received during the pre- and post-holiday shopping season.

In addition, there was illness and the passing of my sweet little girl, Karma.  However, it's time to start updating the site so keep an eye out for lots of great new titles.

I will continue sending confirmation e-mails, even if it's just to confirm that the order was received versus informing a customer that his or her order is on its way. GREAT NEWS TO REPORT!

It appears that the issue where some customers orders were not appearing in the system after a customer thought he or she paid for his or her purchases, but later learned that not only was no confirmation of purchase received via e-mail, the credit card used was never charged for the purchase(s). 

That said, if you find that this situation is still occurring, please do not hesitate to let us know and we can generate a manual invoice for your purchase as well as open a ticket with the web-hosting senior technical engineers.

If you you are one of the few customers who needs to request a manual invoice, please refer to the section below that reads as follows (in a yellowish / goldish colored font): "To Request a Manual Invoice for Your Purchases..."

To Request a Manual Invoice:

  • Send an e-mail to or send a message using the Contact Us tab (located at the top of any of the pages on the Website).
  • Provide your full name as it appears on your credit card.
  • List the title(s) you wish to purchase.
  • Provide the country to where the DVD(s) are to be shipped.

I will promptly generate a manual invoice so that you can place your order.  In most cases, a "failed" invoice appears in the invoicing system and I can obtain the title or titles from the "failed" invoice.  However, if for whatever reason no titles appear, please provide me with the information listed below.

Finally, a special thank you to the technical engineers at Webs for their hard work to resolve the recent issues.  We could not do our jobs if you weren't so good at doing your jobs. 

I want to extend a special thank you to all who expressed their sympathies about the passing of my sweet little girl, Karma. I am in receipt of her ashes and paw print so slowly, the healing will begin.  Needless to say, between the holidays, illness and the passing of Karma, processing of some orders is behind, but please know that all systems are a go and the "machine" is reveing up to catch up on some of the holiday and post-holiday orders. 


John /

Don't See What You're Looking for?  Please Ask.  

If you don't find what you are looking for, send us a message by clicking the "Contact" tab located at the top of the screen.  Send us a list of titles that you searching for and we will let you know if we have the title(s) in stock. Please ensure that you provide your e-mail address so that I may respond.  If you do not provide your address, you will be unable to view my response.  Unlike e-mail programs, I cannot "reply" to the message if you use the "Contact" tab as that will simply send the message and response back to me. 

If we don't have the title(s) you are looking for, we will reach out to our many reliable and like-minded sources and see if we are able to obtain the title(s) for you.  Nothing delights us more than being able to help you find a title or titles that you've wanted for as long as you can remember.

While we experience daily growth, you will want to bookmark our store and visit us daily so that you can participate in our growth.  You never know when the day comes that we add that title or titles that you never thought would see the light of day.

Search / Sort / Category Hyperlinks

The easiest way to locate a title is to enter the title you are looking for in the Search field.

Sort Drop-down List

The Web Store page is set to display the most recent title(s) added to the site; however, you can always change the page view by clicking the Sort drop-down list.  Some customers prefer to view titles alphabetically.  Others may want to see all sales items displayed before any other title. It's all about choices and preferences and that is unique to your own taste.

Category Hyperlinks

Below the Search  and Sort fields, you can narrow your search by clicking any of the category hyperlinks. For example, if you are only interested in viewing our colorized movies and television shows, you can click the hyperlink entitled Colorized Movies and Television Shows.  

U.S. Postal Holidays for 2018

Please note that the following days are legally considered Federal holidays; therefore, there is no mail service conducted on the days listed below.

  • Monday, September 3 Labor Day
  • Monday, October 8 Columbus Day
  • Monday, November 12 Veterans Day (observed)
  • Thursday, November 22 Thanksgiving Day
  • Tuesday, December 25 Christmas Day

Mail will not be delivered or sent on these days so plan accordingly. It is very important to pay close attention to the information below because many of the days that you might expect the USPS to be closed or open aren't always as you expect.


Shipping Costs | Additional Costs Imposed by Other Countries

Prices for shipping costs are based on regular First Class mail shipping; however, should you wish to purchase faster shipping methods, or special requests such as Registered or Certified Mail (as examples), please let us know and you will be provided with a quote for alternate shipping methods. Should you choose one of the alternate shipping methods, you will receive a manual invoice to cover the shipping costs. The invoice must be paid before shipping using any alternative method.

Note: The price that you pay does not include any surcharges or fees imposed by certain countries, including any tariffs, duties or customs fees. That is the same for other vendors who sell internationally.


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