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MacBeth ~ 05.06.13 ~ Broadway ~ Alan Cumming, Jenny Sterlin, Brendan Titley


MacBeth ~ 05.06.13 ~ Broadway ~ Alan Cumming, Jenny Sterlin, Brendan Titley


  • Alan Cumming
  • Jenny Sterlin
  • Brendan Titley

Hailed by the Associated Press as "a tour-de-force that redefines the term," and produced by The National Theatre of Scotland.

“The action is set in a clinical room deep within a dark psychiatric hospital. Cumming is the lone patient, reliving the infamous story and inhabiting each role himself. Closed circuit television cameras watch the patient's every move as the walls of the psychiatric ward come to life in a visually stunning multi-media theatrical experience of Shakespeare's notorious tale of desire, ambition and the supernatural.

As the play opens, the harsh lighting snaps on to reveal a man looking dazed and disoriented as two nurses remove his disheveled clothing and help him into hospital garb. His clothes are sealed into brown paper bags with the ominous word “evidence” stamped upon them.

His demeanor is meek and subservient, but bloody slash marks on his pale flesh suggest that this fellow has perpetrated (or been the victim of) some bloody deeds that have left his mind shattered and prey to tormenting fantasies.

“When shall we three meet again?” he asks in a tone of frightened urgency as his stoic caretakers depart. This, the first line of the play’s text, spoken by one of the witches, unleashes the dark fury of Shakespeare’s tragedy, as one by one the characters take possession of this disturbed fellow, who flits manically around the green-tiled room as he snaps from one persona to the next, suggesting a swarm of bats let loose in a confined space…”

Beautifully filmed and crystal clear. (A)

Year(s): 05.06.13

Format: DVD

Run time: 100m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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