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ALL THE WAY HOME ~ NBC-TV ~ (1981) ~ Sally Field, William Hurt, Ned Beatty, Ellen Corby, Ann Doran, Betty Garrett, Polly Holliday


ALL THE WAY HOME ~ NBC-TV ~ (1981) ~ Sally Field, William Hurt, Ned Beatty, Ellen Corby, Ann Doran, Betty Garrett, Polly Holliday


  • Sally Field ... Mary Follet
  • William Hurt ... Jay Follet
  • Ned Beatty ... Ralph Follet
  • Ellen Corby ... Great-Gandmaw
  • Ann Doran ... Great-Aunt Sadie
  • Betty Garrett ... Catherine
  • Murray Hamilton ... Joel Lynch
  • Polly Holliday ... Aunt Hannah
  • Michael Horton ... Andrew
  • Jeremy Licht ... Rufus Follet
  • Frances Lee McCain ... Sally
  • John McIntire ... John Henry, Jay's Father
  • Jeanette Nolan ... Jessie
  • Robby Kiger ... Jim-Wilson


A wife and mother in 1915 Tennessee copes with the loss of her husband and the necessity of raising their children alone.

The play takes place in Summer 1915 in Knoxville Tennessee: where the extended families of the Folletts and the Lynches live. Jay Follet ( William Hurt ) and his pregnant wife Mary ( Sally Field ) have a six-year-old son, Rufus ( Jeremy Licht ). Rufus takes great joy in being with his father. Jay's brother Ralph ( Ned Beatty ) is an undertaker. Ralph appears to have a drinking problem and mistreats his wife Sally ( Francess Lee McCain ). Mary's parents are Joel Lynch ( Murray Hamilton ) and Catherine Lynch ( Betty Garrett ), and her brother is Andrew ( Michael Horton ). The play unfolds over a period of four days.

During the first act, the Folletts leave from Jay and Mary's home to visit their 104-year-old Great-Great-Granmaw ( Ellen Corby ) and Aunt Sadie Follet ( Ann Doran ). Upon returning later that evening, Jay receives a frantic call from his brother, Ralph, that their father, Jim-Wilson ( Robby Kiger ), is in declining health. After Mary warns Jay about driving too fast, Jay leaves to find out what happened.

In the second act, it is revealed that Jay is killed in an automobile accident. The remainder of the play deals with the family coming to terms with his death. It becomes uncertain if Jay had been driving drunk or if it had been a suicide.

The third act takes place the day of Jay's funeral. Mary tells Rufus, for the first time, that she is pregnant and he may have a little brother or sister on the way.

This was a production of a play broadcast live on NBC from the Bing Theatre on the campus of the University of Southern California. The original Broadway production of "All the Way Home" by Tad Mosel opened at the Belasco Theater in New York on November 30, 1960, ran for 333 performances, was nominated for the 1961 Tony Award (New York City) for the Best Play and won the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 1961.

Year(s): 12.21.81

Format: DVD

Run time: 120m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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