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The Scarlet Pimpernel ~ 2/98 ~ Broadway ~ Christine Andreas, Terrance Mann, Douglas Sills, Gilles Chaison

$18.00 $23.00

The Scarlet Pimpernel ~ 2/98 ~ Broadway ~ Christine Andreas, Terrance Mann, Douglas Sills, Gilles Chaison


Starring: Christine Andreas , Terrance Mann , Douglas Sills , and Gilles Chaison .




The Scarlet Pimpernel is a musical with music by Frank Wildhorn and lyrics and book by Nan Knighton .


THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is a swashbuckling action/adventure musical, based on Baroness Orczy’s famous 20th-century novel about the French Revolution and the battle for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.


With an epic, sweeping book by Nan Knighton and a rousing and passionate score by Knighton and Frank Wildhorn, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is a glorious window into 18th century French and British history.ased on the novel of the same name by Baroness Orczy.


The show is set in England and France during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution. The story is a precursor to the spy fiction and the superhero genres, where a hero hides under a mild-mannered alias. Marguerite St. Just and Sir Percy Blakeney marry before Percy finds out that his wife has betrayed his friend, the Marquis, to the guillotine. To make amends for his friend's death, Percy assumes the identity of "the Scarlet Pimpernel," saving others from the same fate and feigning foppishness as a disguise.


The musical ran on Broadway from 1997 through January 2000 in several theatres, in several revised versions. It also had a US National tour.




The sound is well captured; however, considering the period in which this show was filmed, technology wasn't as good as it is now. There is much spotlight washout and the picutre appears to have been transferred from a VHS tape. If watching this capture on a HD television, you will be most disapointed. This is for the true fans of the Broadway production who wish to have a small keepsake of the show. That said, there are not a lot of captures of the original Broadway production. This title was added due to a customer request. (B-)


Year(s): 02/1998

Format: DVD

Run time: 150m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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