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Our Town - (Musical Version) ~ a.k.a. Producers Showcase ~ Ep 2.02 ~ (1955) ~ Frank Sinatra, Eva Marie Saint, Paul Newman, and Shelly Fabares


Our Town - (Musical Version) ~ a.k.a. Producers Showcase ~ Ep 2.02 ~ (1955) ~ Frank Sinatra, Eva Marie Saint, Paul Newman, and Shelly Fabares


Rare! This is a very rare and very nice print, especially considering its age (as always, the photos that accompany the description are taken from the DVD). In black and white. (A-)


Written by David Shaw ; story by Thornton Wilder ; directed by Delbert Mann (nominated for an Emmy); Associate Director Dominick Dunne ; and produced by Fred Coe .

  • Original music by James Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn
  • Orchestrations and musical direction by Nelson Riddle
  • Choreography by Valerie Bettis
  • Costumes by Robert Campbell
  • Sets by Otis Riggs
  • Vocal direction by N orman Luboff


  • Paul Newman ....... George Gibbs
  • Eva Marie Saint ....... Emily Webb
  • Frank Sinatra ....... Stage Manager
  • Sylvia Field ....... Mrs. Gibbs
  • Paul Hartman ....... Mr. Webb
  • Peg Hillias ....... Mrs. Webb
  • Ernest Truex ....... Dr. Gibbs
  • Shelley Fabares ...... Susan
  • Carol Veazie ....... Mrs Soames

with: Anthony Sydes , David Saber , Charlotte Knight , and Harvey B. Dunn .



The story depicts life in a rural New Hampshire village, with its humor and pathos; stars Frank Sinatra as the Stage Manager, and Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman as the young lovers, Ernest Truex and Sylvia Field as his parents and Paul Hartman and Peg Hillias as her parents, supported by Shelley Fabares , Tony Sydes , David Saber , Carol Veazie , Charlotte Knight , and Harvey B. Dunne. Songs written especially for this television production included both " The Impatient Years " and " Love and Marriage ."This is believed to be the only entertainment program in which Paul Newman sings (in this case, a duet with Eva Marie Saint ).


Sinclair Lewis familiarized a generation of Americans with a satiric view of the American small town. Wilder's play reverses the trend and takes a loving look at the inhabitants of the typical town of Grover's Corners. The plot is pegged on the lives of a boy and a girl in the town and follows them through romance, marriage and death.

Act 1:

It's May 1901. The act opens at dawn on a street in Grover's Corners. We meet the Gibbs' and Webbs' family homes and the office of the Grover's Corners Sentinel.


  1. " Our Town "
  2. " Grover's Corners " and
  3. " The Impatient Years ".

Act 2:

Now it's July 1904. Again we enter the Gibbs' and Webbs' homes, then travel to an area near the school, the drugstore soda fountain and the church.


  1. " Love and Marriage "
  2. " A Perfect Married Life "
  3. " The Impatient Years " ( reprise ), and
  4. " Wasn't It A Wonderful Wedding? "

Act 3:

Nine years have passed. It's summer 1913. The scene is the cemetary. Flashbacks take us back to 1899. We return to the town in 1913 for the finale.


  1. " Look to Your Heart ".


  • The show was praised by television critics, although several writers have questioned Sinatra's suitability for the role of the Stage Manager. Thornton Wilder reportedly disliked the production.
  • Shelley Fabares' TV debut.
  • The original play opened at Henry Miller's Theater on 4 February 1938 and had 338 performances.
  • Paul Newman was a last-minute replacement for James Dean.
  • The original Broadway production of "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder opened at Henry Miller's Theater on February 4, 1938, ran for 338 performances and won the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 1938.
  • Musical version of Thornton Wilder's 1938 stage play (the most performed American stage play).
  • Eva Marie Saint was nominated for an Emmy, lost to Mary Martin in Peter Pan .
  • This was Sinatra's only performance in a dramatic role specifically for television until Contract on Cherry Street in 1977.

Year(s): 09.19.55

Format: DVD

Run time: 90m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W | Color: B&W

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