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Fire and Rain ~ TV-Movie ~ (1989) ~ Angie Dickinson, Tom Bosley, Robert Guillaume, Patti LaBelle, Dean Jones, David Hasselhoff, Penny Fuller


Fire and Rain ~ TV-Movie ~ (1989) ~ Angie Dickinson, Charles Haid, Tom Bosley, Robert Guillaume, Patti LaBelle, Dean Jones, David Hasselhoff, Penny Fuller

NOTE: This is a rare title to locate on DVD.  Even the VHS is hard to find.  If you are fortunate enough to locate a copy, expect to pay upwards of $90.00.

Fire and Rain is a 1989 disaster television film directed by Jerry J. Jameson , starring Charles Haid , Angie Dickinson , and Tom Bosley , as well as an all-star ensemble television cast in supporting roles.

It is based on the Delta Air Lines Flight 191 plane crash at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on August 2, 1985, as depicted in Fire and Rain: A Tragedy in American Aviation (1986) by Jerome Greer Chandler.

Each day millions of Americans travel the nation's skyways using commercil airliners. Between July 1970 aand July 1985, the National Transportation Safety Board says that 404 people died in at least five air crashers used by an especially brutual freak of nature called wind shear.

On a hot day in August of 1985, 137 people were added to tht list. The the reenacement that follows in this partifular story of Delta Flight 191, scheduled Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles via Dallas / Fort Worth is based on a true story.

Jerry J. Jameson had become known for his work on "movie-of-the-week phenomenon and group-jeopardy suspense and terror", although he also became a specialist in "one-off" television and film features. The film was an example of the aviation "disaster" film, as well, it also very much fits the additional genre of the complex, heavily character-driven ensemble cast film, exploring the personal dramas and interactions that develop among the passengers and crew as they deal with a deadly onboard emergency. It, however, veers from the traditional format as it is based on a real-life accident.


  • Charles Haid as Bob Sonnamaker
  • Angie Dickinson as Beth Mancini
  • Tom Bosley as Derryl Price
  • Robert Guillaume as Carter Guthrie
  • Susan Ruttan as Sandra Thompson
  • John Beck as Captain Connors
  • Dean Jones as Jack Ayers
  • Dick Christie as First Officer Rudy Price
  • Penny Fuller as Peggy Hamilton
  • David Hasselhoff as Dr. Dan Meyer
  • Patti Labelle as Lucille Jacobson
  • Lawrence Pressman as Paul Hamilton
  • Joe Berryman as Michael Steinberg
  • Gloria Hocking as Marilyn Steinberg
  • Blue Deckert as Jim Rodman
  • L. Gregg Loso as Clint Smith
  • Marianne Rogers as Wanda
  • Angie Bolling as Helen Smith/Sally Howard
  • Jerry Young as Christopher Meier
  • Rudy Young as William Mayberry
  • Annie Biggs as Terri Mayberry
  • Desi Doyen as Susan Anderson
  • Gary Moody as Charles Petty
  • Vernon Grote as Rescue Worker
  • Macaulay Bruton as Rabbi
  • Norma Harris Gordon as Amy Hughes
  • Patricia Zehentmayr as herself
  • Phil Shirey as Lead Person

Year(s): 09.13.89

Format: DVD

Run time: 89m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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