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High Noon Part Two: The Return of Will Kane ~ (1980) ~ TV-Movie ~ Lee Majors, David Carradine, Pernell Roberts, Warren Stanhope, Katherine Cannon


High Noon Part Two: The Return of Will Kane ~ (1980) ~ TV-Movie ~ Lee Majors, David Carradine, Pernell Roberts, Warren Stanhope, Katherine Cannon


High Noon Part II picks up a year after the immortal gunfight that united the town of Hadleyville. In this sequel to the Gary Cooper / Grace Kelly classic, Lee Majors plays Will Kane, the legendary marshal.

Will Kane returns to his hometown of Hadleyville with his wife Amy for the first time in years since his famous gunfight with Frank Miller and his gang to face a new menace of his town in the grip of a bounty-hunting marshal named J.D. Ward and his two gun-happy deputies pursuing Ben Irons, a drifter wanted dead or alive for a crime he didn't commit whom he asks Kane to help him which sets the stage for a second major gunfight within the town.

Now retired and living the life of gentle rancher and loving husband, Will has hung up his guns - but not his pride. When Hadleyville falls prey to a new reign of terror and lawlessness, Will Kane must take up his gun and return for a final showdown.


  • Lee Majors ... Will Kane
  • David Carradine ... Ben Irons
  • J.A. Preston ... Alonzo
  • Michael Pataki ... Darold
  • Katherine Cannon ... Amy Kane
  • M. Emmet Walsh ... Harold Patton
  • Frank Campanella ... Dr. Losey
  • Tracey Walter ... Harlan Tyler
  • Britt Leach ... Virgil
  • Pernell Roberts ... Marshal J.D. Ward
  • Charles Benton ...Emmett
  • Sanford Gibbons ... Frank Stam
  • Stoney Jackson ... Telegrapher (as Stonewall Jackson)
  • Francesca Jarvis ... Mrs. Garver
  • Henry Kendrick ... Martin Garver (as Henry Max Kendrick)
  • Kirk Koskella ... Richie
  • Warren Stanhope ... Desk Clerk
  • Tiny Wells ... Riley (as Tiny Welles)
  • Clinton James Austin ... Farm Boy (uncredited)

Year(s): 11.15.80

Format: DVD

Run time: 96m

Country: USA

Language: Language

B&W / Color: Color

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