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French and Saunders Christmas Specials ~ 1-7 ~ (1988-2005)


French and Saunders Christmas Specials ~ 1-7 ~ (1988-2005)

Full of "comedyness" and "georgeousness", in this collection of Christmas specials the queens of comedy are funny as ever. With a host of hilarious send-ups and sketches, these phenomenally talented funny women ensure that no celebrity or big Hollywood movie is spared.

Disc 1

1. Christmas ~ December 27, 1988

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders bring their own brand of seasonal cheer in this 1988 Christmas special featuring Kathy Burke, Alison Moyet and Paula Yates.

TV-PG ~ Language: English |   Runtime: 39 minutes |   Release date: December 27, 1988

2. Christmas ~ December 29, 1994

Dawn and Jennifer come together for an evening of fun and give their take on Charles Dickens and the Oscar-winner "The Piano".

TV-PG ~ Language: English |    Runtime: 40 minutes |   Release date: December 29, 1994

3. Christmas ~ December 25, 1998

Dawn and Jen are back again for another outrageous seasonal special featuring Joanna Lumley, The Spice Girls, and the skit "The Making of The Making of Titanic".

TV-PG ~ Language: English |  Runtime: 49 minutes |  Release date: December 25, 1998

4. Christmas ~ December 27, 1999

The irrepressible comediennes grace our screens for another seasonal selection of ruthless send-ups and new sketches including their take on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

TV-PG ~ Language: English |  Runtime: 29 minutes | Release date: December 27, 1999

Disc 2

5. French and Saunders' Christmas Puddings ~ December 24, 2002

2002 brings more festive fun from this outrageous duo. This time they challenge outrageous costume drama Tipping the Velvet and hide the sedatives of highland drama Monarch of the Glen.

TV-PG | Language: English  | Runtime: 43 minutes |  Release date: December 24, 2002

6. French and Saunders Actually ~ December 25, 2003

Dawn and Jen have done it again as this Christmas special pay homage to some of the defining people and moments of 2003. From The Matrix and Love Actually to the antics of Madonna and Britney - no celebrity is safe.

TV-PG ~ Language: English |  Runtime: 41 minutes |  Release date: December 25, 2003

7. French and Saunders: Celebrity Christmas Special ~ December 26, 2005

TV's phenomenally talented funny girls return for a new Christmas special with a host of hilarious send-ups and sketches that we all know and love - Vera Drake, Chicago and The Graduate all get the typical French & Saunders treatment.

TV-PG | Language: English |   Runtime: 37 minutes |  Release date:  December 26, 2005

Year(s): 1988-2005

Format: DVD (on 2 DVDs)

Run time: 278m

Country: U.K.

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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