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Dames At Sea (1971) ~ Part of The Bell Telephone Hour Presents Series ~ Ann Margaret, Anne Meara, Ann Miller, Harvey Evans, Danny Gardner, Fred Gwynne

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Dames At Sea (1971) ~ Part of The Bell Telephone Hour Presents Series ~ Ann Margaret, Anne Meara, Ann Miller, Harvey Evans, Danny Gardner, Fred Gwynne, Dick Shawn

An adaptation for television was broadcast on the Bell System Family Theater on NBC on November 15, 1971.

The cast had extra chorus girls and boys, and there were full production numbers, turning into the very thing it was spoofing. Ann Miller was singled out for praise, especially when "she was allowed to tap out her brassy...temperamental star...


  • Ann-Margaret (Ruby)
  • Anne Meara (Joan)
  • Ann Miller (Mona Kent)
  • Harvey Evans (Dick)
  • Danny Gardner (Lucky)
  • Fred Gwynne (Hennesey)
  • Dick Shawn (Captain)

Featuring: The Alan Johnson Dancers


In the early 1930s, a Broadway musical is in rehearsal. Mona Kent is its temperamental diva star, Joan a wise-cracking chorus girl, and Hennesy the producer/manager/director.

The naive Ruby arrives from Utah, with "nothing but tap shoes in her suitcase and a prayer in her heart", determined to be a Broadway star. She promptly faints into the arms of Dick, a sailor and aspiring songwriter (" It's You ").

Ruby gets a job in the chorus, but Hennesy informs the cast that the theater must be torn down, and they must find another place for the show. Joan and Lucky, another sailor and her former boyfriend, renew their romance (" Choo-Choo Honeymoon ") while Ruby admits her feelings for Dick (" The Sailor of My Dreams ").

Dick and Lucky persuade their Captain to volunteer the use of their ship (" Dames at Sea "). Mona recognizes the Captain as a former boyfriend (" The Beguine "). When Mona kisses Dick, to persuade him to give her one of his songs, Ruby sees and is despondent (" Raining In My Heart" ). Dick explains the misunderstanding and the couple make up (" There's Something About You ").

While rehearsing on the actual ship, Mona becomes sea sick (" The Echo Waltz "); Ruby steps in to save the show and becomes a star (" Star Tar "). The three couples decide to marry (" Let's Have A Simple Wedding ").


Always on the hunt for the perfect capture, this is the most recent capture received and the best of the versions that I've purchased over the years.  The photos are taken from the DVD (as is the case with all of the DVD offerings at  While the picture is weathered over the years, the sound remains strong.  (B)

Year(s): 11.15.71

Format: DVD

Run time: 96m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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