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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg ~ (2002) ~ Eddie Izzard, Victoria Hamilton

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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg ~ (2002) ~ Eddie Izzard, Victoria Hamilton


A Day in the Death of Joe Egg is a 1967 play by the English playwright Peter Nichols, first staged at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland, before transferring to the Comedy Theatre in London's West End. This production was recorded live at the Comedy Theatre. This production is the same that transferred to New York and produced by the Roundabout Theatre, in March 2003 at the American Airlines Theatre.


  • Eddie Izzard ... Bri
  • Victoria Hamilton ... Sheila
  • Prunella Scales ... Grace
  • John Warnaby ... Freddie
  • Robin Weaver ... Pam
  • Lizzie Gwillim ... Joe (as Elizabeth Holmes-Gwillim)


Sheila and Bri share their struggles as they raise a severely handi- capped daughter. Bri, as a school teacher, seems barely to make ends meet. He still thinks and acts as a teenager, and often seems shocked that he is a grown man with a job and home and family.

Sheila, on the other hand, accepts her place as Joe's caretaker. She has a rich fantasy life for her daughter in which she imagines that Joe is able to go to school and run and dance.

In Act I, Sheila and Bri mostly deal with the issues of their immediate family. Bri misses the marriage they had before Joe was born; Sheila laughs at his whimsy, but privately wishes he would just grow up.

In Act II the tension is escalated when Bri's mother, and then two of Sheila's friends, show up. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride.

Year(s): 03.13.02

Format: DVD

Run time: 150m

Country: UK

Languag: English

B&W / Color: Color

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