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Paper Dolls ~ The Complete Series ~ (1984) ~ Lloyd Bridges, Jennifer Warren, Brenda Vaccaro, Dack Rambo, Mimi Rogers, Morgan Fairchild


Paper Dolls ~ The Complete Series ~ (1984) ~ Lloyd Bridges, Jennifer Warren, Brenda Vaccaro, Dack Rambo, Mimi Rogers,  Richard Beymer, Morgan Fairchild


Set in Manhattan, this delightfully witty primetime serial focused on the cut-throat worlds of modeling and cosmetic. Storylines centered around acid-tongued modeling executive Racine, who held fief over the careers of young models Laurie Caswell and Taryn Blake, and cosmetics tycoon Grant Harper.

Main Cast:

  • Grant Harper ... Lloyd Bridges
  • Dinah Caswell ... Jennifer Warren
  • Julia Blake ... Brenda Vaccaro
  • Wesley Harper ... Dack Rambo
  • Blair Harper Fenton ... Mimi Rogers
  • David Fenton ... Richard Beymer
  • Sara Frank ... Anne Schedeen
  • Michael Caswell ... John Bennett Perry
  • Marjorie Harper ... Nancy Olson
  • Taryn Blake ... Nicollette Sheridan
  • Laurie Caswell ... Terry Farrell
  • Colette Ferrier ... Lauren Hutton
  • Racine ... Morgan Fairchild


This series which was initially a television movie about modelling. The character of Racine, the modelling agent, is there. As are the two young models, Taryn Blake, who has been modelling since she could walk and has a svengali for a mother,Julia, who sees her more as a meal ticket than as a daughter, and knows that the day is coming near when all of her daughters payments will go directly to her, and Laurie Caswell, the innocent, who doesn't really want to do it but is being pestered by Racine who sees her as the next hot commodity.

Also thrown into the mix are Laurie's parents Dinah and Michael who are at odds over Laurie's modelling. Also added is Harper World Wide, whose perfume company uses Racine's models for their ads. Wesley Harper, who is in charge of that division, is constantly having his head bitten off by his father, Grant, who treats his daughter, Blair quite reciprocally. So Wesley grows to resent his father, and is plotting to not only have his deposed as head of the company but also ruin his marriage to his second wife, Marjorie. He also has it in for Blair's husband, David, who runs a sportswear company.

About this Capture

Recored from the Soap Opera Channel.  This is the complete series, unedited and commercial free.  Quality of the episodes varies between 8-10 out of 10.   (A-)

Year(s): 09.23.84-12.25.84

Format: DVD (on 3 DVDs)

Run time: 607m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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