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Ms. Scrooge ~ Starring Cicely Tyson and Katherine Helmond (RARE!)


Ms. Scrooge  ~ Starring Cicely Tyson and Katherine Helmond (RARE!)

Rare! This title is hard to find and mostly availalbe via a third-party seller. On Amazon, a customer can only purchase a used VHS for the staggering amount of $124.95   Amazon does not offer a DVD version for sale.

A retelling of " A Christmas Carol " by Charles Dickens.

The classic Dickens tale gets a refreshing modern update in this heartwarming holiday treasure starring Cicely Tyson. Businesswoman Ebenita Scrooge treats her employees and customers poorly.


She has no time for Christmas or the holiday spirit. On Christmas Eve, she is visited by the ghost of her dead partner Maude Marley and then by other spirits who remind her of her happy past and chronicle the bitterness and greed that have taken over her life.


At last, she is shown her own death and funeral. No one is there to mourn her. This revelation shocks her into opening her heart and her checkbook. (A)




  • Cicely Tyson. ...Ebenita Scrooge
  • Katherine Helmond. ...Maude Marley
  • Michael Beach ....Rev. Luke
  • John Bourgeois. ...Cratchit
  • William Greenblatt.. ..Tiny Tim
  • Michael J. Reynolds. ...Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Shaun Austin-Olsen ....Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Julian Richings ....Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come



Year(s): 12.10.97

Format: DVD

Run time: 88m

Country: USA

Language: English

B&W / Color: Color

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