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Annie Get Your Gun (DVD-Audio AND DVD-Video) ~ (03.19.67) ~ NBC-TV ~ Ethel Merman, Bruce Yarnell, Judy Garland, Jerry Orbach, Bennay Venuta



Annie Get Your Gun (DVD-Audio AND DVD-Video) ~ (03.19.67) ~ NBC-TV ~ Ethel Merman, Bruce Yarnell, Judy Garland, Jerry Orbach, Bennay Venuta



NOTE: The first 90-minutes are AUDIO ONLY of the 03.19.67 NBC-TV telecast. It is ALL that is known to exist; however, after the 90-minute show concludes, there is video that accompanies the remainder of the program included on this DVD.



Starring: Ethel Merman , Bruce Yarnell , Jerry Orbach , Rufus Smith , and Bennay Venuta .


RARE! This is the audio track from the 1967 television broadcast. Merman appeared in a revival of Annie Get Your Gun at the Music Theatre of Lincoln Center in 1966, followed by a short national tour, and then came back to Broadway in the same year for 78 performances.

The production was telecast in an abbreviated 90-minute version on CBS on March 19, 1967. This audio track is all that survived, the video is thought to have been destroyed. The audio tracks are on a standard DVD. (A-)



Also on the same DVD…


In addition to the full audio-only 90-minute version of " Annie Get Your Gun ", the DVD includes the following:


" Audio tracks of the following musical number (sans any dialogue):


  • Overture
  • Colonel Buffalo Bill
  • I'm a Bad, Bad Man
  • Doin' What Comes Naturally
  • The Girl That I Marry
  • You Can't Get a Man with a Gun
  • I'll Share It With You (Cut Number)
  • Who Do Ya Love, I Hope (Cut Number)
  • With Music (Cut Number)
  • Take It In Your Stride (Cut Number)












On the second DVD…


There are a total of four video clips from the 1952 movie version of " Annie Get Your Gun ". The first two numbers feature original footage with Judy Garland in the lead role of Annie Oakley.



" Doin' What Comes Natura'lly "


The original star of " Annie Get Your Gun " was Judy Garland , who completed two production numbers before poor health forced her to leave the film. Fortunately, MGM preserved all the footage Garland shot for the film. The following sequence contains the song and surrounding dialog with actor Clinton Sundberg.

The second number completed by Garland for " Annie Get Your Gun " was the elaborate " I'm an Indian, Too " sequence, staged by Robert Alton. When Betty Hutton took over the Annie Oakley role, the sequence was dramatically altered from Alton's initial conception.



" I'm an Indian, Too "



" Colonel Buffalo Bill "


One of the first sequences shot for " Annie Get Your Gun " was the opening number " Colonel Buffalo Bill ."


However, when production resumed with Betty Hutton, the role of Dolly Tate was recast and Louis Calhern replaced Frank Morgan as Buffalo Bill, due to Morgan's untimely death.There are two video clips of Judy Garland and the complete numbers that she filmed for the movie before being replaced by Betty Hutton.



" Let's Go West Again " - Betty Hutton


This song was originally written for the stage production of " Annie Get Your Gun ," but was eliminated from the show before its Broadway opening. Irving Berlin talked MGM into restoring and shooting the song, but it was deemed superfluous during final editing and cut from the film. Now you can see what that song looked and sounded like.



Ethel does another medly of her songs In the early 1950s, Ethel Merman began singing a special arrangement of a dozen or so of the classic showtunes she introduced on Broadway. Roger Edens provided the "Lady with a Song" introductory verse. This 1960 performance is updated to include " Small World " from Merman's current show, " Gypsy ."



The next clip is of Ethel Merman singing a very extensive medley of her hits on a mid-1970's PBS television special. Recorded at the famed Empire Room of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, where other musical divas like Gisele MacKenzie and Lena Horne recorded masterful live albums. Tony Bennett gives Ms. Merman's introduction.



The last clip is Ethel and the company from the 1967 CBS-TV telecast of " Annie Get Your Gun " performing " I Got the Sun in the Mornin' " You at least get a feel for what it was like to see a number from the 1967 telecast. I still have hopes that some day the entire 1967 special will surface.



Year(s): 03.19.67


Format: DVD-Audio & DVD Video (Disc 2)


Run time: 90m (DVD 1) + 44m (DVD 2) - Bonus Features


Country: U.S.A.


Language: English


B&W / Color: Audio only for first DVD | B&W & color for second DVD

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